Our Story
In 2017, Praxis celebrated two decades of success as a niche provider of subrogation recovery services. When James Robert Ford (Rob) began our firm in 1997, he focused on identifying overlooked subrogation opportunities in New York and New Jersey, and providing recovery services in no-fault markets, a nearly unheard-of enterprise at the time. Initially, Praxis provided limited recovery services regionally to the property and casualty insurance industry. Our success allowed us to subsequently expand into collision recovery and in providing subrogation recovery services for auto and property insurers nationwide. We continued to grow with the acquisition of Aon Corporation’s subrogation services business in 2010 - adding Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance subrogation services to the Praxis portfolio. Today, we have offices in Bohemia, NY, Beverly, MA, and Fleming Island, FL in addition to our headquarters in Muncie, IN.