Welcome! Our Resource Center contains an unparalleled amount of free educational tools, research, surveys and other industry best practice guides that will provide insurance professionals with everything they need to improve their subrogation programs to increase overall profitability.

Benchmark Studies & Surveys

Our work to continually raise the bar for subrogation studies and industry best practices means conducting regular studies to gauge the state of the market. Whether we’re gathering information about performance, management or CFO Financials, or just taking the general pulse of subrogation professionals across the U.S., our surveys and studies offer us and our clients invaluable insight into the perspectives of the industry we directly support.


State Statutes

Our statute guide offers the negligence laws and statutes of limitations for all fifty states. While our guide is not intended to replace careful legal research, we keep it updated with the most current information available to us.

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e-Books and White Paper

Deciding to work with an outside subrogation services provider is understandably a big decision. After all, it requires making a transition and offering a trusted team access to proprietary information. Both are sizeable commitments, so you’re likely wondering exactly what’s in it for you? Praxis Consulting launched an educational series with its first free resources: a subrogation e-book and a CFO white paper.

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