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At Praxis, we understand the responsibility of giving back as paramount to the vitality of being a thought-leading company and local organizations are the heartbeat of the community. Due to the extent and expansion of requests and giving efforts, the Praxis’ Contributions Committee was established in 2010 to streamline the focus on how Praxis impacts the local community, as well as broader missions. We take pride in helping sustain such companies in East Central Indiana, like Cardinal Greenway, ARF, Second Harvest Food Bank, Camp Isonagel, Red-Tail Conservancy, Meridian Services, Muncie Mission, Farmland Fire Department and Muncie Children’s Museum.

If you would like more information about Praxis Gives please contact our Contributions Coordinator, Adam Fink, at (765) 216-0218.

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Praxis Gives in 2012

arfpraxisconsultinginsurancesubrogatioin2012 was a very busy year for the Contributions Team at Praxis Consulting in Muncie & Long Island, contributing to organizations like Toys for Tots, Second Harvest Food Bank, Camp Prairie Creek and many others.

We donated an entire SUV full of blankets, dog food, cleaning supplies & more for ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) in Muncie, Indiana.

Praxis Consulting provided funding for maintenance for the bicycyles at Cardinal Greenway, that are available for riders to use for free. We also donated 2 teen bikes along with helmets, that were in use the very next day.describe the image

Our connection with Redtail Conservancy helps protect the land in the Muncie area as well as provide nature areas for the public.

MOMMA'S House is an organization based in Long Island that walks hand-in-hand with teenage mothers, teaching them basic parenting and life skills, like hygiene and budgeting, with the plan of getting them off of state and government assistance.

We are committed to giving in a way beyond mailing a check to a local charity, we are committed to impacting our community.


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