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Subrogation Operations: A Financial Point of View

Subrogation Operations: A Financial Point of View” Reveals that Insurance Company CFOs Who Report Subrogation as a Core Activity Report Higher Recovery Rates Praxis commissioned third party research firm The Ward Group to conduct a survey among CFOs at property and casualty insurance companies nationwide. The results reveal CFOs’ perspectives on subrogation’s impact on profit at their companies. The findings show that CFOs view subrogation recoveries as having a positive impact on profits, and CFOs who treat subrogation as a core activity, report higher profit and satisfaction.

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White Paper

Praxis and Ward Group are offering you a first look at our latest subrogation white paper, which has yet to be released to the public. This white paper examines the industry’s 2008 results and how improving subrogation recoveries can have a significant impact on an insurer's profitability.


Making the Transition

Insurance companies often maintain the in-house status quo out of fear of a difficult and time-consuming transition. Fortunately, Praxis Consulting promises a seamless one. We know that a successful transition requires 1) executive sponsorship and follow through; 2) an articulated and detailed project plan; and 3) successful systems and process milestones during implementation. To achieve these things, we take the following steps to ensure our no-stress transition plan is implemented with minimal effort on the part of our clients:

  • Praxis’s implementation plan template, developed over years of use, can be customized to a client’s specific needs.
  • Praxis furnishes managerial controls and performance oversight specific to the transition.
  • Through informational exchange with its clients, Praxis ensures that its operational procedures meet the client’s guidelines and are in sync with their goals and best practices.
  • Praxis can adjust its staffing to meet the fluctuating work volume.
  • Praxis’s ability to create strong executive relationships increases the ramp speed for implementation of new programs.
  • Praxis provides detailed performance reporting, and its systems will adapt to future reporting requirements.

Benchmark Study

New York & New Jersey Automobile PIP/Med Pay Subrogation A study conducted by The Ward Group and sponsored by Praxis Consulting provides insurance companies insight into subrogation performance and management.

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Getting Back to the Basics:
Basic Concepts to Improve Subrogation Results for Your Company

Even pros can use a proper refresher every now and then. In this free eBook, Praxis sheds light on the five key basic subrogation concepts that all insurance companies need to master in order to increase profitability...